Installation Instructions

To ensure proper installation and receive useful tips to expedite installation read the follow guides below.

Installation Instructions

  1. Turn off A/C breaker at the main panel.
  2. If unit is currently leaking water, drain excess water from piping.
  3. Remove existing male-threaded fitting at primary drain pan exit.
  4. Clean any debris from opening and drain pan.
  5. Install a new male threaded fitting (not included).
  6. Install A/C Easy Tee at first 90° fitting location and tie into existing drain. When applying glue to the fitting, be sure not to squeeze excess glue into the throat of the A/C Easy Tee. Flush the drain line with a wet/dry vacuum, water hose, pressurized nitrogen, or pressurized air using the A/C Easy Tee Service Tool Kit (sold separately).
    Important Safety Information:

    1. Do not over-pressurize the condensate drain. Recommended maximum pressure is 30psi. If the existing drain has an improperly glued joint it may come apart if the drain is over-pressurized.
    2. If drain does not clear easily it could be frozen. Drain lines generally follow copper suction lines which can freeze condensate drains.
    3. Use caution and proper eye protection when flushing drain lines.
    4. Always hold tool in place and do not leave unattended while flushing.
  7. Ensure drain is properly trapped as per local building code.
  8. Check that all fittings are properly glued and that the cap is in place on the A/C Easy Tee.
  9. Re-energize unit at breaker panel. Check for leaks and ensure that the unit is draining properly.

Recommended Locations for the A/C Easy Tee

The A/C Easy Tee can be installed in either location or in both locations

  • Horizontal Air Handler Diagram
  • Package Unit Diagram
  • Vertical Air Handler Diagram
  • Walk-in Cooler Diagram