The World’s Easiest Solution for A/C Drain Cleaning



Orlando, FL March 20, 2012 – Easy Solution Technologies, Inc., a nationwide manufacturer of innovative Air Conditioning and Heating product solutions, announced the debut of the world’s easiest solution for A/C drain cleaning. When used in conjunction with the A/C Easy Tee Service Tool Kit, a service technician can use a wet/dry vacuum, water hose, pressurized nitrogen, or pressurized air to clear drain obstructions in seconds.

This product is a new friend for every A/C service technician in the world with it’s slim profile, durability, versatility, and great price. Its pressure-ready construction is patent-pending and when installed it greatly reduces service time required for clogs and obstructions.

“The A/C Easy Tee raises the bar for this type of product in the industry,” said Chris Eads, Easy Solution Technology president and CEO. “Distributors get great prices on a superior product. Service technicians save time and hassle. Home-owners and small businesses save money. Everybody wins.”

The A/C Easy Tee Service Tool Kit features three options which screw or slide into place. The straight tool, compressed gas adapter tool, and angle tool greatly simplify the process and make clearing condensate lines a cinch.

Easy Solution Technologies, Inc., is headquartered in Orlando, FL and has many years of experience in the A/C repair sector. Their management team firmly believes that necessity is the mother of all invention and simplifying service calls with the best products on the market, Made in the USA, is their mission in the field.